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Benefits Of Having a Greenhouse In Your Urban Backyard

Benefits Of Having a Greenhouse In Your Urban Backyard

Benefits of having a Greenhouse in your Urban Backyard
Most seasonsed gardeners have thought about, planned out and dreamt of having their own Greenhouse in their backyard and why wouldn't they?
Having such a space in your own backyard allows you to grow plants at times of the year that normlly you couldnt, or raise seedlings faster ready to reap the rewards of your labour and enjoy your delicious produce with family & friends.
In case you need a little more convicning that having a greenhouse in your own backyard is the right thing, weve brought together just a few of the benefits. So prepare to get your hands dirty once you've brought your own Glasshouse, Tunnel House or Polycarbonate Greenhousewith us at Urban Backyards.
Protected Environment
Keeping your fruits and vegetables safe from pests and animals is one thing, but keeping your growing & fragile, little seedlings protected from the elements is so important.
No more storing them on the kitchen windowsill or moving them out of the damaging winds or harsh direct dunlight to constantly worry about.
Your seedlings and plants will be safe inside your greenhouse, installing a mesh door allows you to maintain ventilation while also shutting the door during the day to ensure no vistiors of the flying or walking variety can steal your fruits & vegetables.
Extended growing season
Extended? We should really say non stop!
Your greenhouse is a controlled environment where you can maintain the temperature to ensure your summer vegetables can grow during winter and your humidity loving plants can thrive even when humidity is typically low.
Imagine growing big juicy summer tomatoes in the middle of winter? Yum!
You’ll not only enjoy the taste of those delicious tomatoes but can sit back and chuff at not having to take out a small mortage just to buy a few from the supermarket!
Improved Plant Health
Whether its fruits and vegetables your planning on growing or ornamental indoor plants that have overflowed from your house (trust me, we understand!) then your plants are going to benefit from living inside your new Glasshouse, PC Green House or Tunnel House.
Since you control the environmental aspects of sunlight, humidity, ventilation, watering etc you can expect your plants to be healthier because of it. Less exposure to pests also improves their health, less nasty sprays and chemicals needed when you control their living environment which means less exposure to you and your family.
Multipurpose Space
Your new greenhouse isnt limited just to growing fruits and vegetables..
We stock Multi-Zone Glasshouses, so you can have your grow space in one side and a craft room, sun soaked sitting room or an awesome looking outdoor bar surrounded by greenery and nature.
Planning your Greenhouse out correctly is key, are you having raise garden beds or inground beds? Can you spare a bit of space for a potting up bench?
Why not size up and include a space for your garden chemical storage and your lawnmower or wheelbarrow. Then you’ve got all that you need right at your finger tips when you need them..
These are just some of many benefits to having a Glasshouse, PC Greenhouse or Tunnel House in your backyard – so whats stopping you now?
Head over to our Collections pages and purchase your very own Greenhouse now with Urban Backyards, then sit back and start planning what your going to do with all your delicious produce!
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